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the best part of yesterday was that the beastie boys were on npr with terry gross. they were hilarious cause eventually they just starting blabbering about being weird uncles and she couldnt get a word in. and they told her that they way they made the change from how they made liscenced to ill to pauls boutique was that they "stopped drinking..... and then we switched to weed." on npr. i lay in my bed and giggled. the other best part was that both my father and josh called me to tell me that the boys were going to be on.

the best part of tomorrow will be that im going to go see their movie, which is a film of their concert at madison square garden last year, where they gave 50 fans super-8 cameras and they filmed the show, then the boys put it all together. josh and i are going and im so excited. check out the website, the light sabers are funny, and the links too (the beastie boys like boardgames... scrabble is adrocks favorite): http://www.awesomeishotthat.com/main/

i bought that horoscope guys book and im worried it might be too positive and woowoo for me.

courtney i need to call you. will you be available this weekend?
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