jane pony (radiowings) wrote,
jane pony

he was a friend of mine

i just went on a snowy walk. dusk is my new favorite time of day. maybe it always was, but now i realized it.

moby's pictures of nyc make me jealous. so do their 26 inches of show. moby reports:

new york is buried under the biggest snow storm in nyc's history.
and it's fantastic. the deli's are still open. the roads are fairly clear.
people are walking and sledding and cross-country skiing.
snow day's in nyc, especially a sunday when no one has anything else to do, are great.

i like that new york forces you to deal with the elements everyday. and people know how to do it. except me when i was there, who did not own an umbrella. next time.

i found a perfect job for me - http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/med/132052374.html
if i could start in a few months, id apply today.
their retail store..... is in coney island. dang.

im working on my valentine. i wasnt going to do them, but then my horoscope intervened. dammit. this one is going to be good, i wager. on the internet, to save postage.

ok, thats enough.
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