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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
12:43 am - it was that kind of day

HAHAHA. not only does this comic have a good name, its funny too. im almost finished my annie proulx book, postcards. everyone is almost dead. and i got the new thom yorke album. delicious. my air conditioner isnt broken after all, and we looked at the full moon through a telescope.

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Friday, May 26th, 2006
12:03 am
im going to pendle hill for the summer to work in the garden and kitchen and play in the pottery studio
trying to decide if i should get an ipod
going to nyc this weekend with jeb, rebecca, and nanny to eat cupcakes and walk around
arin i found your underwear and i miss you
only one week of work left at the bakery, thank god, though i will miss some people
sending an envelope of stuff to found magazine
i trimmed my bangs so i can see out, and i have a PONYtail that is very popular
im reminding my body that it can run again, which is good
i updated my flickr:

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
11:34 pm - i think i need this book

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
10:31 pm - im just sayin

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7:01 pm
i was reading craigslist personals, which are pretty silly. if i made one, it would be something like this

i hate philly - 24

so, i hate philly, do you?
we could hang out, except -
i dont like bars
im afraid of dating
and i dont trust anyone!

also, im unsure of what to do with my life, and am constantly struggling with fears of inadequacy on professional and personal levels.

drop me a line! i probably wont respond.

hahaha. im the greatest............

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Thursday, April 13th, 2006
9:23 pm
soon im going here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=astoria,+or&t=h

this weekend im going here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=15390a+sixes+bridge+road,+emmitsburg,+md&ll=39.655663,-77.309246&spn=0.08194,0.207024&t=h

this is where i live now: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=547+west+sedgwick+st,+philadelphia,+pa&t=h

i love you, google maps.

and you can look at pictures of my life here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/janepony/

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Thursday, March 30th, 2006
5:45 pm - awesome
the best part of yesterday was that the beastie boys were on npr with terry gross. they were hilarious cause eventually they just starting blabbering about being weird uncles and she couldnt get a word in. and they told her that they way they made the change from how they made liscenced to ill to pauls boutique was that they "stopped drinking..... and then we switched to weed." on npr. i lay in my bed and giggled. the other best part was that both my father and josh called me to tell me that the boys were going to be on.

the best part of tomorrow will be that im going to go see their movie, which is a film of their concert at madison square garden last year, where they gave 50 fans super-8 cameras and they filmed the show, then the boys put it all together. josh and i are going and im so excited. check out the website, the light sabers are funny, and the links too (the beastie boys like boardgames... scrabble is adrocks favorite): http://www.awesomeishotthat.com/main/

i bought that horoscope guys book and im worried it might be too positive and woowoo for me.

courtney i need to call you. will you be available this weekend?

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Saturday, March 25th, 2006
10:30 pm - damn
Gemini Horoscope for week of March 23, 2006

If you're doing work you love, Gemini, your prestige will rise in the next six months. If you're doing work you merely tolerate, you'll experience a sharp increase in inspirations about how to remedy the situation. In the event that you actually hate your current form of employment, I believe you'll face a crisis that will force you to either quit or negotiate significant changes. But whether your gig suits you pretty well or not so much, I encourage you to start whipping up some magic that will move you closer to your dream job.

that rob brezny guy from free will astrology is totally stalking me. what the fuck, hes so right.

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Monday, March 6th, 2006
12:01 am - i love bobby

i watched the academy awards and they were long. i didnt even watch the whole thing, but i did see jake. we had 6 parties at my work this weekend. that blew, except for the tips. and then our bosses took us out for chocolate fondue and martinis. my job still sucks though and i have to work all next weekend too. i might run away after that. my parents came over to buy me dinner and eat oatmeal and see the flower show while i was helping four year olds paint mugs with dinosaurs and rainbows on them. i dont feel like im 'living' in philadelphia, im just working here. what bullshit.

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Monday, February 20th, 2006
10:35 pm - damn internet, youve been stalking me?
the Romantic
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  • Be a supportive friend or partner. Help me to learn to love and value

  • Respect me for my special gifts of intuition and vision.

  • Though I don't always want to be cheered up when I'm feeling melancholy,
    I sometimes like to have someone lighten me up a little.

  • Don't tell me I'm too sensitive or that I'm overreacting!

What I Like About Being a Four

  • my ability to find meaning in life and to experience feeling at a deep

  • my ability to establish warm connections with people

  • admiring what is noble, truthful, and beautiful in life

  • my creativity, intuition, and sense of humor

  • being unique and being seen as unique by others

  • having aesthetic sensibilities

  • being able to easily pick up the feelings of people around me

What's Hard About Being a Four

  • experiencing dark moods of emptiness and despair

  • feelings of self-hatred and shame; believing I don't deserve to be loved

  • feeling guilty when I disappoint people

  • feeling hurt or attacked when someone misundertands me

  • expecting too much from myself and life

  • fearing being abandoned

  • obsessing over resentments

  • longing for what I don't have

Fours as Children Often

  • have active imaginations: play creatively alone or organize playmates in
    original game

  • are very sensitive

  • feel that they don't fit in

  • believe they are missing something that other people have

  • attach themselves to idealized teachers, heroes, artists, etc.

  • become antiauthoritarian or rebellious when criticized or not understood

  • feel lonely or abandoned (perhaps as a result of a death or their parents'

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  • support their children's creativity and originality

  • are good at helping their children get in touch with their feelings

  • are sometimes overly critical or overly protective

  • are usually very good with children if not too self-absorbed

Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele

The Enneagram Made Easy

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HarperSanFrancisco, 1994, 161 pages

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    Monday, February 13th, 2006
    10:57 pm - i made it myself!!

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    6:39 pm - he was a friend of mine
    i just went on a snowy walk. dusk is my new favorite time of day. maybe it always was, but now i realized it.

    moby's pictures of nyc make me jealous. so do their 26 inches of show. moby reports:

    new york is buried under the biggest snow storm in nyc's history.
    and it's fantastic. the deli's are still open. the roads are fairly clear.
    people are walking and sledding and cross-country skiing.
    snow day's in nyc, especially a sunday when no one has anything else to do, are great.

    i like that new york forces you to deal with the elements everyday. and people know how to do it. except me when i was there, who did not own an umbrella. next time.

    i found a perfect job for me - http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/med/132052374.html
    if i could start in a few months, id apply today.
    their retail store..... is in coney island. dang.

    im working on my valentine. i wasnt going to do them, but then my horoscope intervened. dammit. this one is going to be good, i wager. on the internet, to save postage.

    ok, thats enough.

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    Thursday, February 9th, 2006
    12:50 am - this is only funny cause of the brokeback reference
    and cause i was in baltimore this weekend.



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    12:08 am
    i went to see low last night, at the first unitarian church, and it totally blew my mind. imagine that joint packed with people, and all the lights out except a couple red ones on the band. and imagine them playing 'sunflowers.' yeah. by the end, i felt like i might pass out. it was the quietest concert i have ever attended. it could have been better only if i had gone alone. but overall, it was fantastic.

    in other news, im still cranky about philly. i had a nice trip to baltimore and home this past sun/mon/tues. i wanted to stay and hibernate at my parents house where at least things would make some sense. some. things here are so unpredictable - my work schedule, the money im making. blah blah blah....

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    Saturday, January 28th, 2006
    12:40 am
    i saw colin meloy from the decemberists tonight. i wish i could wrap myself up in his voice like a blanket. he played a few bars of "dirty old town" by the pogues, which was one of the first songs i heard in 2006, and was singing drunkenly at a bar with jon naghski. he also played "red right ankle" which is my favorite decemberists song. im tired.

    oh, my new life plan - montana or nyc. colin meloy is from montana, did you know?

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    Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
    12:09 am - hallelujah
    i went and made pots tonight, and it made me feel so much better. i may still have a future.

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    Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
    11:54 pm - goddamnit
    apparently ive had this subject line before. thanks livejournal, for remembering it.

    my slides for the application that is due on sunday are lost. supposedly they were delivered here, but they are not here. what the fuck. my first two tries for recommendation letters failed, i have one on its way, but what the fuck is it for if i dont have slides to go with it? i have no patience to make myself crazy running all over the city to get slides made last minute. i just dont. its my fault anyway, cause i always wait til the last minute to do these things, and then when they get fucked up theres no time to regroup. really, i like it when situations get out of my control cause i dont have to actually make any decisions. theyre made for me. and thats a lazy way to live.

    i still havent gotten 30 hrs a week at my job #1, which is annoying. what i need right now is security. i dont feel like i have it in any way. except i have a room in a house. that i want to move out of. but.... moving is too stressful to think about. at least i can feed myself and house myself. i should be thankful for that. i have so much more than so many other people. so i should shut up, now.

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    Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
    12:08 am - if i could only coax you overboard
    so far in 2006 i have -

    gotten really drunk
    gotten really drunk again
    spent no nights at my own house
    eaten a cheesesteak
    eaten a tofu hoagie
    readjusted my body to smoking cigarettes

    sooowhatever. its a new year. maybe things wont be so disappointing. who knows? im going to try and see more people more of the time. thats not a resolution, thats a thing. i dont need jan 1 to make me be resolute.

    every picture i take lately is blurry. ugh

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    Monday, December 19th, 2005
    10:06 pm
    i dyed part of my hair black again finally, to show the kids at school that im so goth. i think its a larger spot than usual. SO GOTH. 2 more days of work til i go home!!

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    12:34 am
    dear santa - please bring me jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger for christmas. also, a nice pair of earth shoes and an ipod. i KNOW thats not too much to ask......... oh, and an apartment in new york. happy holidays! jane

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